What is IN10T

IN10T is a digital agriculture company founded in 2016 focused on solving farmer adoption challenges in agriculture.  We create custom digital and data science solutions for our customers both in agriculture and those investing in agriculture.  

Why did we start IN10T

The market, including farmers, investors, agribusinesses, and agronomists all kept sharing the same themes and pain points:   

  • We don’t need more data products, we need answers to what is working
  • We need fewer systems and more integration between current applications
  • Help us understand product and system performance benefits
  • We have data, lots of data, what are the business applications for it?
  • We have  our own hypothesis, help us prove/disprove it
  • How do we begin our data analytics strategy?  Or more simply put, how do we make data work for the entire ag supply chain.
  • Our situation is unique.  

Who we serve

Our clients range from multinational Agriculture Fortune 500 organizations to startup founders crafting a new product strategy.  Our projects are customer driven with one thing in common, they all start with a problem to solve around adoption.  In10t provides both technical and strategic business solutions proprietary to the client.

What we do

IN10T provides both Agronomic field research and Digital Market Intelligence.  

  • On-Farm Research helps companies and growers run large scale projects on multiple fields connecting several data sources producing neutral and unbiased results and outcomes. The In10t system works for Agronomic products, Software, and Equipment.  
  • Digital Market Intelligence helps executives running organizations see real-time customer feedback, competitors updates, market response to specific products most importantly customized filters on the information and insights they need while making strategic decisions

Why IN10T is Unique  

IN10T has an agile leadership team helping companies solve problems. IN10T has experience solving: Adoption (product and platform) Product commercialization, Startups, Strategy, Sentiment, Customer Journey, Grain Marketing, Predictive modeling, Agronomy, Data Analytics,  Business development and Signal processing.